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Rehab is now actively recruiting for Hellfire!

All exceptional players are encouraged to apply, however take note of available roles below.

Looking forward to your application.

Death Knight Death Knight Open
Druid Druid Open
Hunter Hunter Open
Mage Mage Open
Monk Monk Open
Paladin Paladin Open
Priest Priest Open
Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
Warlock Warlock Open
Warrior Warrior Open
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Heroic Update, 8/10H BRF
05/28/2015 01:30 PM by Bordak

After 2 more nights of heroic progression raiding (3 in total), we are 8/10H and working on Blast Furnace which I expect to kill this week.

Should be working on Blackhand this week or next, while we continue to gear for Mythics and 6.2 which is quickly approaching.

We'll start posting pictures once they matter.


Quick Update
05/13/2015 09:06 AM by Bordak

So, we've been on Sargeras for a few weeks now and it's clear it's been the right move for a variety of reasons.

Progression wise, we've cleared 10/10N BRF and have successfully geared the majority of raiders in a short couple of weeks.

After last night and 1 night of heroic raiding, we are now 5/10H BRF. We expect to be finished with heroics in the next 1-2 raid lock outs, and will spend time gearing ourselves for Mythic progression.

Expect some screenshots soon, especially as we finish up Heroic BRF and move into Mythics before HFC.

Setting ourselves up for next tier... Looking forward to it.


We've Moved!
04/27/2015 08:09 PM by Bordak

Rehab will officially be an Alliance Guild on Sargeras tomorrow, Tuesday 4/28!

Recruiting is officially open! Looking for all solid players, but particularly healers (monk/shamans/Druid) or ranged DPS.

Please apply or whisper Bordak or another officer in game.


Meeting... Sunday 9EST
04/23/2015 08:25 PM by Bordak

Hey guys -

Decision time... to transfer or not to transfer...
We'll be discussing that and more, this Sunday at 9EST.

Please be on if you can.


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Rehab Reborn.... for real
04/17/2015 01:54 PM by Bordak

After a multi-year break, Rehab is starting back raiding!

PST me for more information in game. Borrdak, Horde, AREA52.


Rehab of Sargeras
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